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BMaster Class in Singles Tactics

One of the most crucial tennis skills like a spins shot is knowing when to take the perfect shot. There are just a select few shot possibilities for each court setting that will provide you the most tactical advantage.

In the Interest of the Game

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Spins And Spin Shots

Learning to serve with spins is an important goal for any serious tennis player. It’s also something many players fail to achieve. A slice serve and a kick serve will take your game to a whole different level

One-handed backhand guide

One-handed backhand guide: proper technique, expert advice, and common mistakes for hitting The backhand has changed over the past 50 years from being mostly a one-handed stroke to a two-handed one.



But in the last ten years, the one-handed backhand has made a comeback among the best players, proving that a strong one-handed backhand can be just as efficient as a two-handed backhand, if not more so. This manual's objective is to assist you in comprehending and developing your one-handed backhand so that you can advance your game.